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Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 6:Weathering (fading and streaks)


  • The following oil paints were added as dots to the various surfaces (the lighter colours higher up the vehicle than the darker): AMMO Oilbrusher “Medium Grey”, Winsor & Newton “Payne’s Grey”, “Permanent Magenta”, “Permanent White”, “Lamp Black”, “Raw Umber” and Abteilung “Blue-Green for German Grey”. They were then drawn down the vertical sides with a flat brush or worked into the horizontal surfaces in a circular motion. This was to attempt an effect of paint fading and streaking.
  • AMMO Oilbrusher “Medium Grey” was worked into the surfaces of various hatches and prominent panels.
  • To the vertical and sloping sides of the hull dots of AMMO Oilbrusher “Starship Filth”, “Starship Bay Sludge” and “Rust” were added. Then, using a flat brush, the oil paint was drawn down the side to simulate streaks. After drying, this process was repeated multiple times.
  • Winsor & Newton “Raw Umber” was painted onto the wooden handles of the tools and then wiped in one direction with a cotton bud to simulate wood grain.
  • The tow cable was treated with a dilute wash of Abteilung “Light Rust Brown” (ABT060).

2 thoughts on “Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 6:Weathering (fading and streaks)

  1. That’s the prettiest Stug III. Glad production has started again.


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