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SU-122 build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle

“The SU-122 was the first major variant of the successful T-34 chassis… The SU-122 was not meant to deal with other tanks, but only with German fortified positions, strongholds and ranged infantry support.” [1]

The kit

Tamiya 1/35 kit [2]. This was going to be the MiniArt kit. However, as I got to grips with it, I became dissatisfied with the fit of the pieces (indeed the number of pieces). I realise that people have got a great finished model out of it but I felt that it was crazily over-engineered in places. In the end I went with the much older Tamiya kit. Obviously, this is a much more basic model out the box, but with replacement bits of photoetch and parts from the MiniArt kit, perhaps it will come out alright.



One thought on “SU-122 build – Part 1:Introduction

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