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T-34/76 (model 1943) build – Part 8:Tracks

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  • Friulmodel tracks (ATL-124) were linked with Albion Alloys’ 0.4 mm brass rod – 76 links per side. As usual with T-34 paired tracks, I had a bit of a struggle getting them to fit and look right (either very tight or much too loose). This time I have tried to get them less “flappy” – on one side I pinned the upper track down somewhat with the aid of a 0.5 mm drill bit, discreetly driven into the side of the hull.
  • Treated with UMP “Ultimate Burnishing Liquid”.
  • A mixture of medium colour pigments were dropped onto the tracks and fixed with a 1:1 mixture of AMMO “Pigment Fixer” (A.MIG-3000) and enamel thinners, added by brush.
  • Darker (wetter) patches on the tracks were created using dark brown oil paints in enamel thinners.
  • The parts of the external side of the tracks in contact with the ground and the guide horns were brushed with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.

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