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SU-152 (late) build – Part 10:Weathering (dirt and mud)

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  • AMMO pigments “Europe Earth” (A.MIG-3004), “Dark Earth” (A.MIG-3007) and “Russian Earth” (A.MIG-3014) were added separately – from light to dark shade – to the lower hull of the vehicle and fixed by the addition of pigment fixer by brush. This process was repeated several times, especially on those parts closest to the ground, where the darker pigments were concentrated.
  • The tracks and wheels were treated in a similar fashion. The upper hull was treated with a lesser concentration of pigments, fixed in place by the addition of a 1:1 mixture of pigment fixer and enamel thinners (with some added “Basic Earth” oil paint).
  • At this stage I also added small amounts of AMMO “Light Rust” (A.MIG-3006) to the exhausts.
  • I added patches of damp stains to the tracks by using a mixture of Winsor & Newton “Raw Umber” oil paint in enamel thinners. This same mixture was used to create stains, patches and runs on the lower hull, especially at the bottom, to simulate wet dirt. After this I repeated the process, this time using the oil paint mixed with Humbrol “Gloss Cote”, to give a wetter appearance.
  • Those parts of the track in contact with the wheels were treated with a 2B pencil. The outer side of the wheels and tracks were treated with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.

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