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Model T ambulance build – Part 8:Weathering (dust and mud)

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  • AMMO “Oilbrusher” oil paints (“Medium Soil” A.MIG-3522, “Dusty Earth” A.MIG-3523) were dotted on the much of the horizontal surface, underside and chassis of the vehicle, which had previously been dampened with enamel thinner. Using a round brush the oils were dissolved and “melted” onto the surface, particularly to collect around raised objects or recesses.
  • Once the cab window had been fitted it, along with the tyres, were sprayed with a dilute (10%) mixture of Mr.Color “Tan” (44) in Mr.Color Leveling Thinner, to further simulated dust.
  • AMMO “Oilbrusher” oil paints (“Medium Soil” A.MIG-3522, “Earth” A.MIG-3514, “Medium Grey” A.MIG-3509) were mixed in enamel thinners and painted onto the wheels and axles. After 15 minutes, the excess was wiped off, leaving the residue in the recesses.
  • Vallejo pigments (“Light Sienna” 73104, “Green Earth” 73111, “Light Yellow Ochre” 73102, “Dark Yellow Ochre” 73103) were deposited separately using a brush to the underside, chassis, horizontal sides, engine area and cab floor. Then a mixture of Abteilung 502 “Basic Earth” (Abt093) oil paint in enamel thinner was carefully added, to act as a fixer.
  • Later, the same pigments were mixed in the dilute oil paint to form a slurry, which was then flicked onto various parts of the vehicle. Once dry, some of the splattering was removed from the less obviously dirty parts of the vehicle.

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