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T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 11:Stowage

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Various stowage items (baggage rolls, a metal can, wooden boxes and a couple of tarps which I sculpted with Kneadatite) were added to the vehicle:

  • Paints: Tamiya “Light Blue” (XF-23), “Flat Red” (XF-7), Vallejo Model Color “Russian Uniform WWII” (70924), “Olive Grey” (70888), “Khaki” (70988), “Bronze” (70988) and Vallejo Panzer Aces “Leather Belt” (312).
  • Wash: AMMO “Afrika Korps Wash” (A.MIG-1001).
  • Pigment: AMMO “Europe Earth” (A.MIG-3004).
  •  Oil and fuel stains: AMMO “Fuel Stains” (A.MIG-1409) and AMMO “Fresh Engine Oil” (A.MIG-1408).

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