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Mk I “Female” build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle

The above picture of the only surviving Mark I – a male version – is from the Tank Museum, Bovington [1]. It is actually hard to get a good look at it (we were there very recently) as it is above ground level in a diorama setting.

The kit

Takom 1/35 kit [2]. Inspired by the presence of later variants of this tank when playing of Battlefield 1 and wanting to add a Mk I to my collection of Mk IVs and Vs I opted for this kit build, in between waiting for paint, enamels and oils to dry on the T-34. It turns out that there is a serious error in this kit – the cab should extend the whole width of the the tank, to the inner edges of the tracks. Obviously this is something which should have been corrected by the manufacturer. A pity, but it was built by the time I noticed and the use of a replacement resin part would realistically be the only way to go.



One thought on “Mk I “Female” build – Part 1:Introduction

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