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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – light guards and rivnuts

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I am quite a fan of light guards on my vehicle. So, when I saw that you could also get them for the side repeater lights, it was clear that I had to fit them also! I didn’t think that the lights were in great danger of being damaged, but rather that these guards would act as some protection against a casual thief. This time, we used rivnuts to attach them to the wings. Testing their installation on some metal pieces first, using a Sealey “Short-Arm Threaded Nut Riveter“, it seemed to go better matching the type of metal (steel, aluminium) to a rivnut of the same metal. Otherwise, for example, attaching a stainless steel rivnut to a thin aluminium sheet (which is what the Defender wings are made of) was not satisfactory. So, for the real thing, we used aluminium rivnuts. They form a decent attachment point for bolts or machine screws, without the need for an accompanying nut in hard to reach places. I wish we had used these earlier for attaching other items, rather than nuts and bolts or self-tapping screws. Sometime we might go back to these earlier attachments and replace them with this sort.


One thought on “Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – light guards and rivnuts

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