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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – headlights

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We have already replaced all the lights with LED versions, except the headlights. With winter approaching it was time to do them too. We choose Truck-Lite ones – apparently this company also supplies the US Army, so we figured that they should be robust! Connecting them up to the existing H4 terminals was easy enough. There were additional unterminated wires coming from the lights which you could optionally use to feed from the side light wiring (i.e. the round lights to the outside of the main lights), thus providing a daylight running light (or position light) function  – see the result in the bottom left picture. In order to do this we had to terminate these wires with an econoseal connector and connect them into the existing side light wiring, using this splitter. Finally, in order to get this working properly it was necessary to replace the obsolete “dim dip relay” (part YWC10050) – done by removing the dashboard instrument panel – with a jumper (part YWZ10003). With all this done we have a daylight function, dipped and full beam – happily the last two provide very bright, pure white light. 



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