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SU-76M build – Part 9:Weathering (dust and mud)

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  • A 1:1 mixture of Tamiya Acrylic XF-57 “Buff” and Tamiya Acrylic XF-52 “Flat Earth” in Tamiya X-20A thinner (10% paint mixture in thinner) over most of the vehicle, to unify the previous layers and provide a basis for pigments.
  • Selected parts of the vehicle (upper and lower hull, wheels) were dusted with small amounts of a mix of “medium” colour pigments. Pigment fixer (dabbed with a brush on the lower hull) or enamel thinner (sprayed on) was then applied. Certain high points or high usage areas (driver hatch, storage locker lids) were left relatively untouched.

One thought on “SU-76M build – Part 9:Weathering (dust and mud)

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