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SU-76M build – Part 7:Weathering (streaks)

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  • Dots of  Mig Productions 502 Abteilung “German Ochre” ABT092, “Light Rust Brown” ABT060, “Faded Navy Blue” ABT030 and “Faded UN White” ABT165 were successively placed on select places on the vertical and sloping sides of the upper part of the vehicle. A flat brush – very lightly dampened with enamel thinner – was drawn down in a vertical motion on those same surfaces to hopefully create a vertical streaking effect.
  • Streaks of AK Interactive “Dark Streaking Grime” (AK024),  AMMO “Streaking Grime” (A.MIG-1203) and AK Interactive “Rust Streaks” (AK013) were applied to the vertical and sloping sides of the vehicle, followed later by blending with enamel thinner.

One thought on “SU-76M build – Part 7:Weathering (streaks)

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