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SU-76M build – Part 6:Weathering (wash)

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  • The entire vehicle was washed with AMMO’s “Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles wash” (A.MIG-1005).
  • The exhaust area was washed with AK Interactive “Light Rust Wash for Green Vehicles” (AK046).
  • Prominent flat areas of the upper hull were lightly faded by application of Mig Productions 502 Abteilung “Olive Green” ABT050 oil paint.
  • Parts of the exhaust was dry brushed with Mig Productions 502 Abteilung “Light Rust Brown” ABT060 oil paint.
  • The wooden parts (tool handles and block) were treated with Winsor & Newton “Burnt Umber” or “Raw Umber” oil paints.

One thought on “SU-76M build – Part 6:Weathering (wash)

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