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Star Destroyer

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Amongst longer, more “serious” model builds I found time to do this little one, a tiny Star Destroyer by Bandai (imported from Japan). Even amongst a host of brilliant Star Wars vehicle designs (AT-AT, A-wing, X-wing, Jawa Sand Crawler …) the Star Destroyer stands out for me.

This is a really quick assembly – probably designed just to be snapped together without glue. Nevertheless, it has delicate surface details. Once assembled, I sprayed it with Citadel “Chaos Black” and then Tamiya XF-19 “Sky Grey”. Then, treated with Humbrol Clear gloss varnish and Citadel Purity Seal. I wanted the plastic and paint well protected – see here for an example of this kit series not reacting well to white spirit. Winsor & Newton “Lamp Black” oil paint, well diluted in enamel thinner, was brushed over the entire ship and allowed to dry, hopefully to settle in the recessed parts. A dilute (10%) mixture of XF-19 was then sprayed on select upper surfaces to provide a little lightness. Finally, a dilute mixture of Vallejo Model Color “Pastel Blue” 70901 and “White” 70951 in water was brushed in the engines cones to give some kind of light effect.


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