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Higgins LCVP build – Part 4:Weathering

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  • I started out as I usually do with Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” 70822, to simulate chipping. Of course, this would be fine on armour, or even many ships, but I remembered too near the end of this activity that this boat is made in large part of wood! Well, it is quite subtly done (by sponge) given the scale of the model. I will have to say that it represents dirt, paint chipping exposing the wood below, or genuine chips in the metal parts! Moving on …
  • Washed with AK Interactive “Dark Yellow Wash” (AK300).
  • Streaks of AMMO “Streaking Grime for Winter Vehicles” (A.MIG-1205) were applied on the vertical sides.
  • AK Interactive “Engine Oil” (AK084) and AK Interactive “Wet Effects Fluid” (AK079) were both diluted with white spirit and applied to the interior of the boat, to simulate wet areas.

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