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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – stowage box

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One thing which a factory Defender 90 doesn’t have much of is secure storage space. You can load up everything you need in boxes and store them in the load area. Now, this works, and I have been doing this for months. However, having removed the rear side seats and only intending to reinstall one of them I knew that I could make use of the extra space to create a more robust solution. There are several products available which can be fixed in various places in the load area but I opted for one by a company called BareBox which bolts onto the wheel arch. We used thick spacer washers to give it a slight lift from the rubber mat. Whilst you can get pre-painted versions I opted for the simpler one in raw galvanised steel. It was easy for us to fit and to subsequently put a simple hasp lock on it. Although I could have a go at painting it in the summer, the bare nature of it somehow fits with the vehicle. Anyway, it takes all that I want to carry. I recommend them to all Defender owners in the same situation to me.

One thought on “Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – stowage box

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