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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – front door check strap slider

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Due to ongoing water ingress issues, which I will detail when I have defeated them (!), I had occasion to remove the cover of the right hand front door check strap slider. For information, the cover is the plastic triangle in the last image, the check strap is the bronze coloured piece of metal in the lower right, which stops the door swinging too far outwards. Underneath was not a pretty sight (see the first image) – probably year’s worth of rust! Well, I decided to renew the whole of this assembly. It was easy enough to do this (see the parts list below).

But, first I thought I would experiment with some minor paint repair. So, after scrubbing away any rust debris I applied Kurust to the rust in this particular part of the bulkhead. Then, I sprayed successively Hycote “High Build Grey Primer”,  Land Rover “Epsom Green” spray paint and Land Rover “Clear Lacquer”, leaving each one 24 hours to dry. Not much I could do about the surface damage to the metal due to the rusting but at least it had a better paint finish afterwards. Ironically, installing the entire check strap slider and cover masked all of this work.

  • MWC5018– check strap slider x 1
  • ALR2318 – check strap torsion bar x 1
  • MUC6157 – bracket-pivot check arm x 1
  • SH106301L – bolt M6 (30 mm) x 2
  • WA106042 – washer M6 x 2
  • MWC5759 – check strap buffer x 1


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