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KV-1 (Model 1939) build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle


“Named after Klimenti Voroshilov, the People’s Commissar for Defence, the KVs proved a nasty surprise for German tank crews during the early days of Operation Barbarossa. Although slow, they were extremely heavily armoured.” [1]

Good, no-nonsense tanks, I reckon. Having seen one myself it is indeed an impressive machine [2].

The kit


Trumpeter 1/35 kit [3]. This kit – of the first production tanks in the KV series – is just one of many KV variants which Trumpeter have produced [4] [5].


1. KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks 1939–45, Steven J Zaloga & Jim Kinnear, Osprey Publishing, 1995 (link)

One thought on “KV-1 (Model 1939) build – Part 1:Introduction

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