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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – rear door rubber seal retainer

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As can be seen in the first image, the rear door rubber seal retainer (black metal strip nearest the door) was not looking in the best condition. It was a simple enough job to replace it (and the underlying rubber seal), although, not for the first time, it took more effort to remove the existing (corroded) item. In the end we had to get brutal with the screws, as they were totally worn on the heads and no driver could release them. Thus, we resorted to taking the heads off with an angle grinder. The original plan was to then extract or drill the remain part of the screws out. Err, no. I think that we would still be drilling now (after several broken drill bits) as those things internally were solid. It is perhaps unfortunate for the eventual look of the piece but we ended up drilling a new set of holes in the body and retaining strip. Perhaps I can find some rubber plugs to cover the pre-drilled holes? Incidentally, any readers following this and due to do the same job might want to avoid our mistake of initially fitting the rubber seal upside down and wondering why the door didn’t close. It might save the neighbours hearing your cursing too!


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