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Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – bumperettes and bumper end caps


I didn’t fit the rear bumperettesthese guys did – although I could have done it as they are just bolted onto the cross member (I was expecting new holes needing to be drilled). I subsequently tidied up the appearance of the cross member (the scratches and bare metal from the previously fitted grab handles) with some Hammerite black paint. The front bumper was missing the rubber end caps which I reckon it would have been fitted with in the factory. These were easily installed, with the help of a rubber mallet bashing in the plastic retaining clips.

2 thoughts on “Land Rover Defender 90 renovation – bumperettes and bumper end caps

  1. Matt, the rubber mallet was very useful. It avoided damage to plastic fixings on the end caps. Otherwise, we would have had to use a normal metal Birmingham screwdriver!

    NB a hammer was referred to by some as a Birmingham screwdriver, presumably because Midlands mechanics couldn’t be bothered to drill and tap screw holes and use a normal screwdriver, so they resorted to bashing screws in with a hammer – a Birmingham.

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