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Tankfest 2015

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This weekend we were at Tankfest 2015 at The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset. It was hot, crowded and full of armour! Just some of the vehicles which were paraded in the arena included a Centurion, Challenger 1 and 2, Chieftain, Comet, Saracen, Saladin, Stalwart, Jackal, Coyote, Mastiff, Warrior, Scimitar, various AVRE vehicles, Leopard 1, T-34, T-72, Type 59, Shermans (including Fury), Panzer 38(t), Panzer III and Tiger I (again, the one in Fury). This on top of the usual content in the museum and a range of historical re-enactors.

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