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JSU-152 build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle


The JSU-152 (or ISU-152) – built upon the JS-2 tank chassis – formally had the role of an assault gun or self propelled artillery, utilising the 152 mm howitzer. However, perhaps not surprisingly considering the size of the gun, it could also cause considerable damage to the German tanks, apparently earning it the nickname of “Beast Killer”:

“… the ISU-152 became greatly feared by German heavy tank commanders, robbing them of their prior sense of invulnerability to Soviet guns and forcing them to commit their forces more cautiously and sparingly” [1]

Overall, this is one monstrous vehicle! I must say that the Russians don’t mess around when it comes to armour and artillery.

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The kit


Tamiya 1/35 kit [5].



One thought on “JSU-152 build – Part 1:Introduction

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