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BTR-80 build – Part 2:Assembly

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I must admit that looking at the photo etched parts as I began, one or two of them caused me consternation, both in the shaping and fixing of them! Of course, I have seen multiple examples of people using the techniques of annealing and soldering, but these were things new to me. Nevertheless, I didn’t have a choice this time and I think it worked out OK for a first attempt. In particular, I would be more confident the next time I come to solder a photo etched part.

The decals I am using are from the “Ukraine and Novorussiya 2014” set by Star-Decals. The vehicle drawings show the BTR-80 as not having a search light on the turret. This is just as well as I managed to launch the assembled bit from my tweezers on a one way trip into the darkest recesses of my work room. I omitted the cable brackets also – I confess to seldom adding cables to my vehicles – as I was having a frustrating time with them. An inaccuracy no doubt, but of the lesser kind!

One thought on “BTR-80 build – Part 2:Assembly

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