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Imperial Guard Chimera build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle


Image from

According to the lore:

“The Chimera is the standard armoured personnel carrier of the Imperial Guard and its chassis is the basis for a large number of other Imperial armoured vehicles…”

The kit


A Games Workshop kit (no scale given but based on the optional turret commander it looks approximately like 1/48 to me).

I was recently at a friend’s shop for a painting tuition day run by Golem Painting Studio. This mostly centred on Games Workshop figure painting, of which I will have to get a lot of practice in before reaching a decent standard. Anyway, I couldn’t leave without getting a Warhammer 40,000 vehicle. I am impressed with the kit – nice plastic and broken down into manageable pieces. Indeed, other manufacturers of my acquaintance could take a lesson in not over complicating things from this kit.

One thought on “Imperial Guard Chimera build – Part 1:Introduction

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