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Sherman II (Direct Vision Type) build – Part 1:Introduction


The vehicle


The Sherman II (M4A1) “Direct Vision Type” means that it was “built with direct vision [slots] for driver/assistant” [1]. One of the myriad of Sherman types used by the British [2], it first saw action at El Alamein in 1942 [3].

The kit


Tasca 1/35 kit [4]. I was impressed with Tasca’s Sherman Firefly kit when I built that a couple of years ago. Looking at my British Army WW2 tank collection I decided that I was missing an earlier Sherman type. Specifically, I like the desert colour schemes so I opted for this North Africa theatre vehicle. This kit should be quick to build – it has a not too high part count and few photo etch pieces. So, it will serve as an “interlude” before a more involved project.



3 thoughts on “Sherman II (Direct Vision Type) build – Part 1:Introduction

  1. Did direct vision mean an anti-tank shot could enter through those slots with no interference?

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