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Pickup “Technical” with ZPU-2 build – Part 5:Weathering (wash – pickup)

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  • I was looking for a subtle wash, just enough to have an effect without totally overpowering the underlying white paint. In the end I opted for AK Interactive’s “Dark Yellow Wash” (AK300) diluted to 50% in white spirit.  My aim here was not to present the vehicle as totally bashed up (so, no paint damage). Subsequent weathering will only involve dust effects. We will presume that this vehicle has been recently “liberated” from its civilian use by the current owners!
  • For the grey seats I used a “panel line wash” (Tan Grey 1610) from AMMO (part of their “German Early Fighters and Bombers” weathering set) to accentuate  the recessed lines on the seats, wiping away the excess wash after a time with white spirit.

One thought on “Pickup “Technical” with ZPU-2 build – Part 5:Weathering (wash – pickup)

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