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Centurion Mk.6 build – Part 4:Assembly (turret)

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The problem with the turret that comes with the kit is that it does not feature the canvas mantlet cover which seems to be ever present on this tank. AFV Club do sell a cover separately –  shouldn’t it come with the kit? – but this seems to have fitting issues. An alternative is the LionMarc complete resin turret replacement (LM33002), with cover included. This is what I went for. Apart from having the necessary cover, it also means that I didn’t have to bother with joining turret sections and the resulting filling work. Of course, the downside is the problems I have had with all major resin pieces – slight deformations, air gaps and minor patch up work. I think it looks OK in the end. It is a real multi media effort – the metal barrel, brass etched pieces and various plastic pieces. I must admit I don’t like how they do the clear parts – semi flexible clear plastic pieces. No doubt some people will appreciate them, as you could mask off the windows before painting. I replaced the plastic turret .30 cal machine gun with a metal barrel from Aber (35L62).

One thought on “Centurion Mk.6 build – Part 4:Assembly (turret)

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