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A39 Tortoise build – Part 2:Assembly (hull and gun)

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I started this model a while ago and got some way into it before problems arose in the fitting of the top and bottom parts of the hull and I was forced to abandon it. The issue I had is referred to in this review of the model. Basically, there seems to be a problem getting a perfect fit – without any gaps – for the superstructure and where the side skirts attach to the front and rear fenders. Well, it’s been a problem for me, at least. The first time I had assembled the entire lower hull, wheels and side skirts, only to get insurmountable fitting issues when attaching the top part of the hull and back plate. But, determined to get this one done, I tried again, reversing the order of assembly (and going against the instructions) – attaching all parts of the hull first and adding the wheels (to be detailed later) and side skirts afterwards. At least this time I got a perfect join for the hull pieces. There is still too large of a gap between the side skirt and rear fender on one side for my liking but it will have to do. It’s a bit of a hack but I decided to cover up the worst of it with a simulated canvas sheet, sculpted from Kneadatite. Elsewhere I used Mr.Surfacer 1000 to repair any damage to the cast texture or to add a rougher texture in places, such as the exhaust.

One thought on “A39 Tortoise build – Part 2:Assembly (hull and gun)

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