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Challenger 1 Mk 3 build – Part 19:Stowage

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  • I thought that I would try my hand at some simple sculpting with Kneadatite (in the form of a yellow and blue strip) as described in a recent magazine article [1]. I wanted a cover for one of the turret bins (although I would show it as draped over the side of the bin) and an air identification panel (the orange panel shown here). Painted as described earlier. I think that they worked out OK and will try some more adventurous shapes on the next appropriate model.
  • Various items from Accurate Armour were utilised: “British Modern Water Cans” (A006),  “5-Gallon Oil Cans” (A017), “Commercial Bottled Water” (A042C), “British Bergens, Bedrolls, Helmets” (A023) and “7.62mm GPMG Ammo Boxes” (A016). They were painted and weathered with the products shown above.
  • The identification number panel on the wire mesh side turret bin is supposed to have been painted on a piece of cardboard on the real vehicle. I used a piece of plastic card (styrene sheet), painted it the appropriate colour and fixed the number decal on.
  • I am not altogether sure if such a vehicle would carry a large oil can? If not, I will call it artistic licence.
  • The front turret bin looks a little bare. I might revisit it in the future with a sculpted cover or camoflage net, but at the time of writing I was running out of steam!


1. Model Military International, Brett Green, ADH Publishing, July 2013, p.28-29 (link)

One thought on “Challenger 1 Mk 3 build – Part 19:Stowage

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