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Iwata HP-M1 airbrush


I have been trying out a new airbrush – the Iwata HP-M1 – on my latest painting project. This is a small device, with a single action trigger and 0.3 mm needle. You set the paint flow by way of the adjustable screw at the back. I very much like the simple design, with the small number of working parts and faster cleaning time.  I had come to the realisation that for much of what I do my previous airbrush – the Iwata HP-B Plus – was simply overkill. So, for primer coats, base coats and varnish coats, the HP-M1 is what I will use. Of course, for fine detail work and more intricate camouflage patterns (if I ever do any!) the HP-B Plus is at hand too.

3 thoughts on “Iwata HP-M1 airbrush

  1. Hi Skarach
    with 1/35 scale Let’s try M2 for a big color cup

  2. Hi Gouf,
    I am not sure that I would use the M2 unless on a model larger than those I normally deal with (say, a 1/16 scale tank). However, if it is remotely like the M1 then it would surely be worth getting if you needed a larger capacity cup (and larger nozzle). I have been more and more impressed with the HP-M1. I had cause to do some minor paint repairs and thought that I would use my older HP-B Plus. However, I soon found myself missing the M1 and went back to using that instead. Also, I didn’t mention it in my original post, but on testing I am sure you could get nice tight camouflage patterns with it, subject to paint mixture and air pressure settings. Highly recommended.

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