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Military Vehicle Show, IWM Duxford, 2013

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  • the show contained many working vehicles – especially trucks, Jeeps and Land Rovers – which formed a parade on the airfield runway. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of them as I have done so in previous years. Also a lot of re-enactors.
  • working tanks and other AFVs were displayed in the dusty arena.
  • we were able to find time to look in some of the hangars – the Battle of Britain one and others.
  • I have never got many usable pictures from the Land Warfare Hall before. But they seem to have improved the lightning a bit. Anyway, I was able to get some decent pictures this time. There are some new vehicles, such as the Grant and Jagdpanther – I think that both are refugees from IWM London.
  • the day also contains the MAFVA National Show. I had intended to take pictures of it, but there were so many models (and people) that my stamina was going at this point! Anyway, the standard of model (mostly tanks and other AFVs) seemed mostly very high. I was interested to see that some of them were not excessively weathered. In fact, not even as weathered as some of my own humble efforts (which I have always assumed before now to be underplayed). The only models I photographed were the large radio controlled ones cruising around outside.

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