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Humbrol Clear

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Humbrol Clear is described as

“a water soluble, self-levelling gloss medium that can be used to prepare painted surfaces for decals, as a gloss varnish and to improve the appearance of clear parts.”

I am always on the lookout for new modelling products and this one sounded like an alternative to the much used (but unavailable) Future (or Klear) floor polish. More recently I have been using another floor finish – Quick Shine – to good effect. Even so, I was keen to try this one. I tested it on all the acrylic paints which I use – Vallejo, Tamiya and Xtracrylix – with the aid of a size 6 brush. For larger, flatter surfaces (like a plane wing) I would spray it on but there were no brush strokes or pooling of fluid visible. Two or three applications were needed for a very glossy finish. Following this, I tested placing decals on the surfaces with the aid of Micro Set and Micro Sol solutions. They all proceeded well  – with no obvious silvering effect. Spraying with satin varnish worked fine too. So, thus far I am very pleased with it and plan to use it again.

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