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Someday soon I would like to have a go at the Conqueror tank (Accurate Armour model), which is as impressive a vehicle as has ever been made. However, apart from this one model, it seems to be a neglected subject. Similarly for reference material, which I will surely need for this project. For example, there is no Osprey book available. I did find this website, though, offering authentic documentation on mainly British Army vehicles in PDF format. One of those was the Conqueror tank – “User handbook for Tank, hy gun, Conqueror, Mk 1&2, 1958“. Having looked through it briefly – it is 352 pages long – I can say without doubt that it contains immense amounts of detail. In this respect it would be most useful to me if I had a real Conqueror! But there are plenty of diagrams and photos to explain any mysterious items during the upcoming build.

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