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Valentine Mk I build – Part 12:Tracks



  • For this one I used 0.4 mm brass rod obtained separately rather than the thinner wire supplied with the tracks. I thought that having more robust pins would remove the need for sealing them in with super glue, which in the past I have found to make the subsequent burnishing harder on that part of the metal in contact with the glue. I was a little concerned that not glueing them in would result in the pins falling out at a later stage, but this turned out not to be a problem.
  • I gave the assembled tracks a soaking in vinegar – this has been reported as a preparatory step when using a similar product  to the Blacken-It solution I use.
  • The tracks were then soaked in Blacken-It for five minutes, washed with water and the process repeated a second time. Any parts of the metal missed by the fluid were got at with the aid of an old toothbrush.
  • Various washes with solutions of Winsor and Newton “Lamp Black”, “Raw Umber” and “Burnt Umber” oil paints in white spirit (single mix or a mix of two oils) were applied next.
  • To simulate dried on mud, AK Interactive “European Earth” pigment was applied with a brush and then swept away until the bulk of the pigment was located in the recessed parts of the tracks. Once I was happy with the coverage, Tamiya X20-A thinner was applied and left to dry.
  • Finally, AK Interactive “Dark Steel” pigment was applied by finger tip to the parts of the track in contact with the ground to give a subtler appearance of bare metal.

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