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Valentine Mk I build – Part 10:Weathering (more rust, metal, wood)

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Various effects to tidy up:

  • A dusting of the exhaust with Mig Productions “Standard Rust” pigment (P025), followed by fixing with application of Tamiya X20-A thinner.
  • Application of the “Soot” Tamiya weathering powder to the end of the exhaust and adjoining fender. 
  • “dry brushing” AK Interactive “Dark Steel” pigment (AK086) on the machine gun barrel and various metal tools. I must admit to liking this pigment – as advertised it is very fine in consistency and realistic looking.
  • The wooden “blocks” stacked at the front of the tank were painted with Winsor and Newton “Burnt Umber” oil. A short while later it was substantially removed by a wiping a cotton wool bud across it, leaving a reasonable approximation of wood grain.


  1. Wood grain painting guide (Wingnut Wings)

One thought on “Valentine Mk I build – Part 10:Weathering (more rust, metal, wood)

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