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Matilda Mk III\IV build – V:Weathering

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  • Chipping with Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” 70822 using sponge.
  • All over pin wash with MIG Productions “Brown Wash” P221.
  • Pin wash of AK Interactive “Dark Wash For Green Vehicles” AK 045 and AK Interactive “Wash for DAK Vehicles” AK 066 on selective features.
  • Light streaking added with AK Interactive “Streaking Grime for DAK Vehicles” AK 067.
  • Three sprays of the entire model with a very dilute (2.5%) solution of Tamiya XF-57 “Buff” in thinner. I thought that the colours needed toning down slightly, as well as providing an overall dusty look. I did not go overboard with dust – for example using the AK Interactive “Africa Dust Effects” – as I wanted a relatively subtle weathering over the paint work. Nevertheless I think in the future I will use this Buff spray on parts – wheels, lower hull – of desert vehicles.
  • Application of AK Interactive “Fuel Stains” AK 025 to petrol tank cap.
  • Application of AK Interactive “Engine Oil” AK 084 to selective parts of the hull and wheels.
  • Use of a 2B pencil to highlight bare areas of metal on the machine gun and tools.


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  3. Techniques Under Test

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