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LRDG Chevrolet truck build – IV:Weathering

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lrdg_chevrolet_014 lrdg_chevrolet_015 lrdg_chevrolet_016

  • Chipping with Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” 70822 using sponge and brush.
  • Exhaust pipes painted with Lifecolor “Rust dark shadow” UA 701 and dry brushed with Lifecolor “Rust base color” UA 702 and Lifecolor “Rust light shadow 1″ UA 703.
  • Pin wash with AK Interactive “Wash for DAK Vehicles” AK 066.
  • Pin wash of the seat with Mig Productions “Dark Wash” P220.
  • Application of AK Interactive “Africa Dust Effects” AK 022 to the tyres followed by removal of the excess with white spirit.
  • Selective application of AK Interactive “Rust Streaks” AK 013 and Mig Productions “Standard Rust Effects” P411.

Clearly, some of the model, such as the engine, is missing the correct detailing (paint, weathering). I could not find enough data online to make a decent effort and I would sooner not guess. Besides, it will not be visible!

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