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MiG 15 build

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The kit

Airfix MiG 15
The Airfix MiG 15 1/72 kit.


As usual, the cockpit was painted prior to assembly. Thus, the base colour used was Vallejo Model Air Pale Blue (71008). Details were finished with the appropriate colours and the instrument panel decals added. I had intended to build it with the wheels down (and went so far as to weigh it at the nose with small lead shot) but in the end I went with a simpler build of wheels up (a cheat I know, but I was kind of keen to move onto new things). Subsequent construction was fine. I think I had more joy with gluing the canopy down than previous attempts – such as the Sabre jet. This time I used Airfix ClearFix.




This was a very similar process to the Sabre jet build. Thus, canopy masking, primer, metalcote polished aluminium spray can and gloss varnish. There was very little detail to paint – just the nose and exhaust.



For this I had learnt some lessons from the Sabre jet build.


The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling, Jonathan Mock, Conway, 2011 (ISBN 9781844861262), pages 70-75.

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