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Medium Mk A “Whippet”


To quote: “Possibly the most successful British tank of World War I, the Whippet was responsible for more German casualties than any other British tank of the war”.

Further let me include a couple of quotes regarding the actions of Lt C. B. Arnold and crew in “Musical Box” on August 18th 1918. It seems that their tank got through the German lines and went on an 11 hour rampage:

“From this on the loneley (sic) Whippet, with it’s bold crew of only three men, carried on a war of it’s own. It shot down retiring infantry, attacked horse and motor transport, and regularly terrorized the bewildered Boche”

It only ended when the tank was immobilized and some of the crew taken prisoner. Arnold did have some advice for the future:

“I would beg to suggest that no petrol tins should be carried on the outside [of Tanks] as we did”

This models a vehicle in Bovington museum in which a Lt C.H. Sewell won his posthumous VC.

Emhar 1/35 kit.

Includes Accurate Armour track. Minimal weathering – just a wash and drybrushing of the tracks.

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