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IS tanks – surviving examples



“There are several surviving IS-2 and IS-3 tanks in existence, with examples found at the following:


  • Polish Army Museum, Warsaw, Poland
  • Museum of Arms, Poznań, Poland
  • Army Technical Museum, Lešany, Czech Republic
  • Tank Museum of the People’s Liberation Army, Beijing, China
  • Liberty Park, Overloon, The Netherlands


  • Imperial War Museum Duxford, England
  • Kubinka Tank Museum, Russia
  • Victory Park at Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow, Russia


  • IDF Armoured Corps Museum, Israel
  • Museum of Armoured Arms, Training Center of Land Forces, Poznań, Poland (the only one still operational)
  • Army Technical Museum, Lešany, Czech Republic
  • Polish Army Museum, Warsaw, Poland
  • United States Army Ordnance Museum, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, USA
  • Victory Park in the northern part of Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Ulyanovskoe SVU, Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Military Glory Museum, Gomel, Belarus


  • Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, California, USA”

In my opinion, the IS-3 (JS-3) is one of the most awesome looking war machines created, necessitating a big response from us. Almost a shame that it saw next to no action!

Some of those museums are less than accessible – I’m looking at you Kubinka:

“The Russian military officials DO NOT LIKE the model makers (the regular violators of the museum rules)”

More to follow on this series of vehicles. Of course, this blog won’t predominately be about tanks …

… no, I don’t believe that either.

2 thoughts on “IS tanks – surviving examples

  1. I wonder how Kubinka got hold of a Conqueror? They have one, according to Wikipedia…

  2. And why haven’t Bovi or Duxford got an IS-3?

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