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GAZ-MM (model 1943)

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The vehicle

“The GAZ–MM is a truck with a maximum usable weight of 1.5 tons and was produced at the end of the 1930s and at the first part of the 1940s by GAZ in the Soviet Union. It is a simplified version of Ford Model AA’s Soviet licence version. At the beginning of World War II more than 150,000 were in use with the Red Army.” [1]

The kit

Zvezda 1/35 kit [2].

The build

I built this years ago and for most of the intervening time it has remained stored in a box in a cupboard. But, I fetched it out the other day and decided that, with a little work, I could display it now. I remember it being a basic kit – probably missing some details – but not bad to put together. I suppose that if I ever do another of this era it would be one of the Miniart ones. Anyway, I don’t exactly have many soft-skinned vehicles so this should be a good addition until I do more. I reckon that back then I would have painted it with Vallejo Model Air and Model Color paints, but, apart from drybrushing the high points, I pretty much stopped at that. Today, I did some minor weathering with pigments and oil paints, mainly on the wheels and underside.



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