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BA-64 build – Part 4:Weathering

  • Paint chips were simulated using LifeColor “4BO Var.” (UA239) and  Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” (70822), applied with a sponge or brush.
  • The exhaust was painted with the various colours of the LifeColor rust set.
  • The entire vehicle was washed with a dilute mixture of Winsor & Newton “Raw Umber” and “Lamp Black” oil paints in enamel thinner – the excess being cleaned up with a dry brush or cotton bud.
  • Wilder “Olive Drab” (LS34) oil paint was used on various high points of the vehicle.
  • AMMO Oilbrusher “Starship Bay Sludge” (A.MIG-3532) or “Starship Filth” (A.MIG-3513) were worked into various recesses, the excess being cleaned away.
  • To the vertical and sloping sides of the hull dots of AMMO Oilbrusher “Starship Filth”, “Starship Bay Sludge” and “Rust” were added. Then, using a flat brush, the oil paint was drawn down the side to simulate streaks. After drying, this process was repeated multiple times.
  • Winsor & Newton “Burnt Umber” was painted onto the wooden handles of the tools and then wiped in one direction with a cotton bud to simulate wood grain.
  • Everything was then sprayed with a 1:2 mixture of Mr.Color “Flat Clear” (182) and Mr.Color Leveling Thinner.
  • A mixture of medium coloured pigments were brushed onto wheels and the top surface of the hull (underneath the turret) and fixed in place by applying a 1:1 mixture of AMMO “Pigment Fixer” (A.MIG-3000) and enamel thinners by brush.
  • The same pigment mixture was turned into a paste by adding water and Vallejo “Matt Medium” and then flicked from the end of a brush to the underside of the hull to represent dirt splatter.
  • The machine gun and metal tools were brushed with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.

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BA-64 build – Part 3:Painting

Primer: Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (light grey)

Base coats:

  • Chassis: Mr.Hobby “Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black”, as a 1:2 mixture in Mr.Color leveling thinner
  • Hull: MRP “4BO Russian AFV Green” (MRP-26)


  • Engine: Citadel “Leadbelcher”
  • Tools: Vallejo Model Color “Black Grey” (70862), Vallejo Panzer Aces “Old Wood” (310)
  • Head lights: Mr.Hobby “Super Iron” (SM03)
  • Rear lights: Mr.Hobby “Super Iron” (SM03), Vallejo Model Color “Red” (70926)
  • Machine gun: Mr.Hobby “Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black”
  • Turret seat: Vallejo Model Color “Saddle Brown” (70940)
  • Tyres: Mr.Color “Tire Black” (137)

A 1:2 mixture of Mr.Color “Clear Gloss” (46) and Mr.Color Leveling Thinner was sprayed over the entire model.

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BA-64 build – Part 2:Assembly

  • Prior to assembling the hull, I had to do a basic paint and weathering on the interior – so, a white colour, followed by some chipping, brown oil wash and depositing of earth pigments on the floor.
  • I plan to paint the chassis\engine and hull separately, before joining them.

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BA-64 build – Part 1:Introduction

The vehicle

“The BA-64 was the first Soviet all-wheel drive armored car and would remain the only vehicle of this class in service during the war, with a production of up to 9110 armored vehicles from April 1942 to early 1946.” [1]

The kit

MiniArt 1/35 kit [2]. This particular kit is shown as a captured one, but I won’t be doing it like that.



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Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142)

2nd Kompanie, 226th StuGAbt, Poland, June 1941.

Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 1:Introduction
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 2:Assembly
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 3:Painting
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 4:Weathering (chipping and rust)
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 5:Weathering (wash)
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 6:Weathering (fading and streaks)
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 7:Weathering (dust and rain marks)
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 8:Tracks
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 9:Weathering (dirt and mud)
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 10:Stowage
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz.142) build – Part 11:Weathering (oil and fuel stains, final effects)