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Scalpel micro saw blades


It’s a small thing really, but I never had a decent mini saw for cutting plastic and resin until now. Yeah, sure, I had saws big enough to take your arm off, but they are hardly appropriate for miniature work. So I liked the look of these micro saw blades when I saw Accurate Armour selling them. Perhaps the idea isn’t new, but I liked that they attached to a Swann-Morton scalpel handle, which is long time choice of blade for me. They work well!

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Объект 279


Or Object 279. When I saw this I was reminded of the crazy tank designs in the Command and Conquer computer games. But, no, this tank really existed. This beast was intended to go where other tanks could not and survive the shockwave from a nuclear blast. I guess it didn’t work out as well as they hoped! Anyway, it looks like it will build into an imposing model (plus it has a cool name). I may have to give this a go, but wish me luck with all the wheels\tracks! I can foresee more than one collection having this, the German Maus, the American T28 and the British Tortoise.

Later … you can see a completed one here (the figure is brilliant).

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Paint pot racks!

paint_pot_rack_001 paint_pot_rack_002 paint_pot_rack_003

We come now to the important topic of paint pot racks. To be honest, the organisation of the various types of paints I use – Vallejo, Tamiya, LifeColor, Xtracrylix, Humbrol – was getting out of hand on my shelves. So, when I saw these racks for sale I thought I would try them. The one I got was designed for Vallejo type bottles (pictured above). They come flat packed for self assembly and are very neat. I think that I shall get more for the Tamiya bottles and remaining other types. Recommended.


Value Gear wooden crates

I have mentioned before my regard for the Value Gear resin stowage sets. In preparation for future projects I thought I would paint and finish a complete pack – wooden crates #4. Initial work was painting with Vallejo Panzer Aces “New Wood” 311 or Vallejo Panzer Aces “Old Wood” 310. Following this various techniques were attempted – some new to me. Thus, some of the crates were treated with filters to vary the base colour. Others were treated with Winsor and Newton oils or dark washes. For a few crates I wanted to have a chipped paint look. This was achieved with application of hairspray or AK Interactive “Worn Effects” solution (AK088), then Tamiya XF-65 “Field Grey” and selective washing away of the paint layer. Finally, all of the crates were sprayed with acrylic matt varnish. I am quite pleased with how they turned out – with their various appearances – and look forward to using some of them in a suitable vehicle.

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Humbrol Clear

Humbrol Clear is described as

“a water soluble, self-levelling gloss medium that can be used to prepare painted surfaces for decals, as a gloss varnish and to improve the appearance of clear parts.”

I am always on the lookout for new modelling products and this one sounded like an alternative to the much used (but unavailable) Future (or Klear) floor polish. More recently I have been using another floor finish – Quick Shine – to good effect. Even so, I was keen to try this one. I tested it on all the acrylic paints which I use – Vallejo, Tamiya and Xtracrylix – with the aid of a size 6 brush. For larger, flatter surfaces (like a plane wing) I would spray it on but there were no brush strokes or pooling of fluid visible. Two or three applications were needed for a very glossy finish. Following this, I tested placing decals on the surfaces with the aid of Micro Set and Micro Sol solutions. They all proceeded well  – with no obvious silvering effect. Spraying with satin varnish worked fine too. So, thus far I am very pleased with it and plan to use it again.