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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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A look my last post about PC gaming reveals that it was almost year ago and about the predecessor (sort of) to the game in question here – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. That probably sums up my infrequent gaming these days and although I have played other games in the last year, none were really worthy of comment. That is not to say that this one is any kind of masterpiece – it is 100% “Call of Duty”, for better or worse. Actually, for better, in my opinion. This series sort of defies criticism I reckon and I’ll probably play every one they ever produce, much as some people will always play the latest version of the FIFA football game, for instance. I try to take screenshots as I go – sometimes hard with the motion blur and action going on. The ones above are fairly representative, including an immaculately “digitised” Kevin Spacey. One or two of the missions I have played once and probably not again, but there are many others which are fun enough to have multiple goes at. There is plenty of exo-suit powered jumping going on, plus lots of other gadgets, One thing though – the mission introductory cut scenes are really choppy for me (and the lip syncing is out too). This surprises me as the actual game runs fine – it should do as my PC is really quite up to date. I can’t be the only one experiencing this and I hope that they can fix it. My play experience has been solely with the single player campaign. My feeling is that my life expectancy would be measured in milliseconds were I to venture online! I am still going to put a plea out there for them to return at least once more to a World War Two setting. Yeah, I know it’s been done a hundred times before (or something), but not recently and not too well. Alas, I’ve got to say that I think that this is unlikely – it’ll be more modern\future stuff.


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