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My new PC (#2)

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As I said earlier, I was looking to build my new gaming PC sometime soon. The components duly arrived this week and are:

It’s not a top of the line gaming machine, but my usage pattern these days does not justify anything more. So, I went with the H87 chipset, as according to these guys it is perfectly fine if you do not intend to overclock or use multiple graphic cards. Likewise with an i5 CPU rather than an i7. Ironically, about one day after I ordered these there was slight refresh of the Intel chips and chipsets (slightly faster i5 and H97 chipset motherboard). I would have bought these if they were available then but I am going to assume (hope) that the real world performance increases will be negligible.

I did want a more than decent SSD and graphics card. My old PC suffered from a terrible dust build up – pretty much my fault in letting that happen! – to the extent that it became inoperable until I cleaned out the CPU and graphics card heat sinks. This time I have installed a filter kit, specially made for this particular case. The filter is very fine and they attach magnetically. It’s quite expensive but I reckon it must be worth it.

Initial tests with some quite recent games (Call of Duty,  Diablo III) at pretty much maximum details (resolution of 1920 x 1080) have maintained good frame rates. I shall have to test it with something up to date – perhaps Wolfenstein?

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