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Blame the Normans


Battle of Hastings (Wikipedia)

I have always held the somewhat romantic notion that Harold could and should have won the Battle of Hastings and that our history would be the better for it. Damn those Viking invaders – forcing the battle at Stamford Bridge just prior to William’s landing – and damn those idiots in the shield wall who broke ranks on the day. Anyway, the reason for my outrage? This interesting article, suggesting that we are still feeling the ill effects of the conquest.


2 thoughts on “Blame the Normans

  1. If it’s the Viking invaders’ fault that our brave Saxon lads were knackered before Hastings, we should at last claim recompense from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. They can afford it better than most in Europe, after all. Either we get all the Danegeld back or we should be paid for our altar cloths, bejewelled bibles and psalters (whatever they were) that they knicked.

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