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Computer technologies – winter 2012

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The last week or so has seen an avalanche of new gadgets or technologies from all the usual sources. So, first there was Apple, with the lovely looking, but horribly overpriced, iPad mini, together with new iPad, iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro.

Next was Microsoft, with Windows 8, the somewhat confusing Surface with Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8. Of these, I am most interested in Windows 8. From all that I have read, and the very little of it that I have seen in action on a virtual machine, it seems that it really works best with a touch screen, even for a desktop PC. Not so easy to achieve, though, as touch screen monitors are not common yet. Actually, the Dell iMac look alike interests me (by the way, surely it won’t be long before Apple produce touch iMacs? I bet that they are hidden in one of their labs right now). Since gaming is not so much a passion for me nowadays, were my current PC to go bang, and money allowing, I would certainly consider that type of “all in one” PC.

Finally, there was Google with new Nexus devices. I am looking to upgrade my iPhone 4, but the persistent unavailability and high price of the iPhone 5 has caused me to look at Android phones. The Nexus 4 has a lot going for it I reckon. I have a couple of weeks to make up my mind before that is available. I think that their Nexus 10 tablet looks pretty good too.

The below graph I found interesting – reported on here, commented on here. I guess that Microsoft would prefer the 2008 scenario, but, as my own brief summary above shows, competition is severe. Choice must be a good thing for the buying public.

"Forrester: Microsoft’s Windows 8 Gambit Won’t Move the Needle Much" - Wall Street Journal


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