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Farewell to KP?


I suppose that I should say something about this fiasco. As I write – the morning of the third day – England are doing OK in the third Test, KP’s replacement particularly so. Even so, I would sooner be in South Africa’s shoes. On the evidence of this series they do seem to be more incisive, more keen than England. Unhappily, I am reminded of India playing over here last summer when I look at England right now – climb to the the top of the Test rankings and then immediately fall off  it. As for the Pietersen story, well, I have a few questions which nowhere have I seen answered.

  • If, as suggested, they were sent by him to “close friends” then how come we all know about them? It was in no way to KP’s advantage for them to be known about, so that just leaves ….
  • I cannot fathom why he could have taken against Strauss  – he has always struck me as a decent man.
  • It is worth him asking the question – as Michael Vaughan has – why he has had next to no support from his erstwhile team mates since his departure. I guess that ties into point one.
  • Finally, and this point has been made repeatedly, he seems to be the recipient of some fairly disastrous career advice from his paid advisors. Either that, or he has ignored all their good advice. Irrespective, you could not manage a more complete derailing of an international career.

It is, of course, nonsense to suggest that we are a better batting side when he is not there. Witness the second Test at Headingley. But I guess that a point had to be made. I reckon he will be back in time, but he should perhaps be dropped for the rest of this year – the World 20-20 and India Test series. Then, perhaps, he will know what he is missing and be keen to play in all games for England again.


2 thoughts on “Farewell to KP?

  1. I don’t quite see the India comparison, though it is obvious that England have been second best to a very decent SA side I don’t think it’s quite as ‘end of an era’ for this team. As for KP, well, I still sorta want him in our T20 side.

  2. I hope he does come back in the Twenty20 squad. Player of the tournament last time out! We shall find out today..

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