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Bounderby MP

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Alan Bates as Josiah Bounderby (BBC 1994)

I have just reread Charles Dickens’ Hard Times. The full title is “Hard Times. For These Times” and I reckon that some of the ideas in the book are still relevant now, one hundred and fifty years later. I was reminded of the “villain” of the novel, mill owner Josiah Bounderby, when I read of certain British MPs describing British workers as lazy. Now, it is true that where I work – what I would describe as a “semi” public sector organisation – there are some idlers and I would be as keen as anybody else to get rid of them. I would also make the point that if there is a more pampered set of “workers” than backbench denizens of the House of Commons then I do not know them. But really, when you have a group of people – let us not allow them to hide behind an “institution” as if it were the building itself which was to blame – indulging in crazy betting, mis-selling of financial products, interest rate fixing, money laundering and US sanctions busting then who is the real enemy of prosperity?


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  1. I have to confess that I’ve never read any Dickens. But I’ve long meant to. I purchased A Tale of Two Cities earlier this year and began to read it. Thoroughly enjoyed it but then got distracted and never got more than a third of the way through it. At this point I know that I’ll need to start it again. I keep looking at it and thinking “I will get back to you soon…”

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