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Foul play


No sooner do I praise them and they turn in this disastrous performance. It makes me look a right chump both in written word here and in pre-match discussions with a friend about our chances! I cannot recall a more complete thrashing in quite some time and, based upon this evidence, it will be a surprise if they can avoid a similar fate in the next two Tests. The number one Test ranking seems certain to fall. This may be the only blessing. England seem to prefer to be chasing the lead team. At least against Pakistan in the UAE last winter we could say that the bowling was in order. Not here. All our quick bowlers were down on pace, let alone penetration. Swann seems to have gone wrong too – no wickets in 52 overs for a spinner on that pitch? If he has lost it then I would say that it causes all sorts of problems for the team. Not for the first bloody time, one or two of our batsmen need to think about the shots which got them out. They could learn a thing or two from Kallis and Amla. I don’t expect any major changes in the team for this series – it’s not their way. But one or two are playing for their long term futures I reckon. I wonder if we will hear any more about player burn out, bowler “rotation” and limiting how many one day games they play?


2 thoughts on “Foul play

  1. Thoroughly spanked. I’d back 1-1 in the series purely on the basis that SA cannot dominate us like that again, but England were completely off the pace.

    • I admire your optimism! It is true that England have bounced back in the past. Mind you, I thought that after the first game in the UAE and look what happened there. I guess you just have to say that SA – in particular Smith, Kallis, Amla and Steyn – are flying right now.

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