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War Horse


Just seen this on Blu-ray – I liked it. True, for me, it is a bit sentimental and childish at times. But I don’t mean that pejoratively and, of course, I know its origins. According to the “making of” feature on the disc its creators do not view it as war film. Nevertheless it contains some tragic scenes, some more implied than others. I thought that it was a marvel technically – the scenes in Devon, the cavalry charge in France and much else are beautifully filmed.  I swear that the last couple of minutes of the film, when boy and horse return home at sunset, could be by John Ford. I would say that it is just below Spielberg’s best work – Duel, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind – but it does contain those little trademark moments of wonder – the merging shot of the knitted jumper into the furrows of the ploughed field and the reflection of the French girl in the horse’s eye. Well, they work better on screen than I can describe them!


2 thoughts on “War Horse

  1. I agree about the ‘little trademarks of wonder’ comment, he is very good at those. Perhaps not considered his artistic pinnacle but I did think the moment in Jurassic Park with the glass of water was truly inspired. What a brilliant way to build tension and illustrate the impending doom. An instant classic movie moment that was bound to be parodied many times over, which it has.

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